To help each of us have a better understanding and appreciation of the Gospel of John. I have been trying to list the groups of sevens for you. John’s gospel, much like Revelation, is full of symbolism and numbers. Often, what is said or done has an underlying, spiritual truth that is meant to be understood. In the gospel of John, he carefully chooses 7 signs that are meant to convey a truth to us about the identity of Jesus.


Our first sign is found in John 2:1-11. Here we Jesus, coerced into helping when a wedding party runs out of wine. Not only does he turn water into wine, but he creates something great out of a potentially disappointing and embarrassing. Jesus is always the one who turn life’s disappointments and discouragements into something amazing for us.


Our second sign is found in John 4:46-54. This time a father has approached Jesus about his dying son. Desperate he pleads with Jesus to hurry before it’s too late. Instead of going with the man, Jesus simply tells him to go home and his son will live. Jesus is always the answer to our prayers. The one we trust when nothing else will be enough.


Our third sign is found in John 5:1-15. In this wonderful story, we see Jesus approaching a desperate, invalid of 38 years. Never mind the fact that Jesus cares about the people no one else cares for, here we see him offer healing and strength to one who had none. Jesus loves us desperately and wants to supply our needs. Jesus is always the source of strength and healing in our lives (Eph. 6:10; Phil. 4:13).


Our fourth sign is found in John 6:1-14. Here we see Jesus feeding 5,000 hungry people with nothing more than a simple sack lunch. Jesus is the only real source of nourishment and fulfillment for that emptiness in our heart and life.


Our fifth sign is found in John 6:16-21. This time we see Jesus walking on water toward a helpless and frightened group of disciples. After Peter’s request, Jesus calls him to come and Peter tries; but his fears and doubts cause him to sink into the depths. Aren’t you thankful that Jesus is still the one who reaches out and takes you by the hand when your sinking into despair and hopelessness? Jesus is the only one who can lift you up from the depths of fear and failure.


Our sixth sign is found in John 9:1-11. In this wonderful story, Jesus and the disciples encounter a man born blind. With a little mud and a few simple instructions, Jesus tells the man to go and wash in the pool of Siloam and the man is healed. Jesus is the light of the world (John 9:6) and can bring light into any situation. Providentially, John’s “911” is obey and be healed.


Our seventh sign is found in John 11. Here we see Jesus weeping with friends over the death of a friend. More importantly, we see Jesus calling out to Lazarus and the man rose from the dead and lived. Jesus will always be the only source of life after death, the only one who can lift us up from the finality of its cold embrace.


In each of these powerful signs, we see wonderful and powerful truths about Jesus and what he offers to us in this life and the next. He is the one who saves, a man of miracles in our lives, and the only sure fount of blessings for all who depend on him.


Jeff Arnette.