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Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime

Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime
By Adam Faughn

It might seem strange that the first bulletin article of 2020 deals with fear, but many people struggle this time of year with this emotion. As they face a New Year, they might fear health issues or job uncertainty. Some simply fear failing in the resolutions they have made. Continue reading “Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime”

Living one day at a time.

Jesus tells us in Matthew 6:34, “Do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Jesus’ point is much more practical than we often think. Continue reading “Living one day at a time.”

The Seven Signs of John’s Gospel.

To help each of us have a better understanding and appreciation of the Gospel of John. I have been trying to list the groups of sevens for you. John’s gospel, much like Revelation, is full of symbolism and numbers. Often, what is said or done has an underlying, spiritual truth that is meant to be understood. In the gospel of John, he carefully chooses 7 signs that are meant to convey a truth to us about the identity of Jesus. Continue reading “The Seven Signs of John’s Gospel.”

Job: a story about trusting God.

The story of Job is familiar to most of us. Even those who are not Christians have heard about Job and his story of loss and pain. We, as Christians, have likely read it numerous times, heard Bible classes and sermons about it, and yet, I would contend that there are not many today who truly understand the bigger point of this story. Continue reading “Job: a story about trusting God.”

The power of trust.

The value of implicit trust in God cannot be accurately measured. It is demonstrated for us numerous times throughout the scriptures. One such example is Joseph. He was the young son of Jacob (later renamed Israel) who endured great trials, temptations, and perils. It all began as a young boy who was loved by his father but hated by his brothers. The dreams of grandeur and prominence didn’t help him either. Things continually got worse until finally, the brothers decided to kill him. If it hadn’t been for the dissenting words of Reuben they would have executed him and left his body in that well. Instead, they took him out and sold him to Ishmaelite’s as a slave. But this was no ordinary teenager; he was wise beyond his years and trusted God completely. Continue reading “The power of trust.”

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