A couple of weeks ago, we talked about our God and how faithful he is to us. He never turns away from us; never gives up on us, and is always walking this journey of life with us. We truly are blessed to have our God love us so much and want to be near us.

This brings me to another important topic that we need to consider. While our God is great and faithful to us he also expects us to be faithful to him. He expects us to live and walk this life in faith (2 Cor. 5:7). The point is that by faith we face every situation, every difficult and challenging problem, in this life. Can we be successful in evangelism? Can we grow? Can we be faithful? Can we be the church of Jesus Christ in this post-modern world? Can we be strong, committed, confident Christians?

The answer is a resounding “Yes,” provided we face these challenges with faith in our God and his power.

If we trust in our ability to accomplish these things our lives will be characterized by dramatic swings between faithful and unfaithful; between good and bad. Some days we will do well; sometimes we will be successful, but we will fail too. Sometimes more often that we succeed.

Hebrews 11 is the great chapter of faith and each example used is meant to challenge and give us confidence. If they can accomplish such amazing feats simply because they trusted in God, then we can accomplish great things too. In vs. 14-16, we have a great explanation of why they were able to walk by faith. The Hebrews writer says that the faithful who speak and live such lives make it clear (by their choices) that they are seeking a better homeland. If they had desired to go back to their old life they had plenty of opportunities to do so but they didn’t. They had their hearts set on heaven, the better homeland, and because of that faith they endured. In vs. 16, he makes an amazing statement that I want you to focus on.

“… Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared them a city.”

(ESV, Heb. 11:16).

Our God has always wanted to be our God (Gen. 17:8; Jer. 24:7; 31:33; Ezek. 11:20; 37:23, 27; Zech. 8:8; 2 Cor. 6:16; Heb. 8:10) but when we don’t trust in him; when we don’t trust in his power to give us the victory, we make him ashamed. Our God wants us to be faithful to him. Our God wants us to trust in his power. Our God wants us to live, every day, with the confidence and courage to face life with a faith that cannot be defeated.

When we get our hopes, dreams, faith, and trust all wrapped up in the love and power of God; there is nothing we cannot accomplish. I believe that and I think you do as well! So, how do we prove that we believe it? We let our faith in God and his power determine if we will try. We let our faith determine if we can be successful. We don’t let our doubts, fears, and insecurities determine what we try or accomplish for Jesus. The power of faith is the greatest motivation this life has ever seen.