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A Relative?

A Relative?

By Larry Pasley

    A husband and his wife were riding along together in a car. They had been quarreling and hadn’t spoken for a long time. Finally, they passed a mule in a pasture. The man pointed to the mule and asked his wife, “A relative of yours?” Without a moment’s hesitation, she responded, “Yes, by marriage.” Continue reading “A Relative?”

What is a disciple?

Around 2,000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth walked up to 12 very different men and said, “follow me.” Can you imagine being one of those men? Continue reading “What is a disciple?”

Joel and the call to repentance.

The second book, in the so-called minor prophets, is the book of Joel. I hope to encourage to give a little more attention to this book and to strive to learn from it. It has a message that is not minor, a message that is desperately needed in today’s church. Continue reading “Joel and the call to repentance.”

The Church and the Christian Life Cycle.

By Brian Mitchell

Who Needs the Church? And, Who does the Church Need? Do you need the church; does the church need you? Do the lost need the church; does the church need the lost? Does your family need the church; does the church need your family? Do children, singles, young families, older families and retirees need the church; does the church need them?

Continue reading “The Church and the Christian Life Cycle.”

Why should we go to church?

From time to time I am asked this straight forward question, “why should I go to church?” Believe it or not, most often it’s Christians who ask this question. Typically, this question comes up because you invited someone to church. Continue reading “Why should we go to church?”

A new beginning.

Life is filled with endings and beginnings. Every day and year has a beginning and an end. I love this for many reasons but perhaps the greatest reason is that every year will eventually end. No matter how great or bad the year has been, eventually it comes to an end. But, with that ending comes the opportunity for a new beginning. Continue reading “A new beginning.”

I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice.

In Matthew 12:1-8, we have an interesting story of Jesus and his disciples walking through grain fields. As they walked through the field the disciples were hungry and began to pick some grain and eat it. The only part that seems odd is that the Pharisees were following them. Continue reading “I Desire Mercy and Not Sacrifice.”

The Power of Faith.

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about our God and how faithful he is to us. He never turns away from us; never gives up on us, and is always walking this journey of life with us. We truly are blessed to have our God love us so much and want to be near us. Continue reading “The Power of Faith.”

What if the church disappeared?

Normally, I don’t like to even consider hypothetical questions. It usually doesn’t do a whole lot of good and cannot be answered in a satisfactory way. In spite of this, I still want to pose a hypothetical “what if” question to you.

How would you feel if the church disappeared? Continue reading “What if the church disappeared?”

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