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Secondly, we must have directions. This point makes me smile. Why? Because often people are quick to give directions to places on earth, whether they know how to get there or not! On numerous occasions, I have asked for directions, only to have two people begin arguing on how to get to where I wanted to go. “Go down here and take a right.” “No, you go left.” I usually just smile, say, “Thank you,” and drive on, realizing the ones giving directions were more lost than I was. This is so true spiritually!

There are so many ready to give directions to navigate life’s journey, but they are lost and are in no place to help another lost traveler. What if there were just one set of directions that would take us all on the same journey to the same destination? Oh, thank God, there is! The Bible must be our North Star in life, or else we will never reach the right destination. Think for just a moment how God’s instruction manual, God’s directions, would fix life’s problems for everyone. The Bible could eliminate social ills (murder, rape, racism, lying, injustice, hatred), family ills (divorce, child neglect, abuse, same sex marriages, homosexuality and transgenderism) and personal ills (laziness, drugs, alcoholism, overeating, being miserable and selfishness). Sinful directions will mislead every time! Read Psalm 23 and just note all the wonderful blessings that come from following the right directions. Incorporating Psalm 1 into one’s life will make one godly and cause him or her to flourish! Jesus is the only way to a truly abundant life, both here and in eternity (John 10:9-10).

Thirdly, we must have determination. Have you ever started on a journey somewhere but then lost your gusto to keep going? Unless we are truly determined, we will stop short of the destination, because there are many things to impede the journey. Just think for a moment physically. Traveling seems to always be impeded (slow car in front, accident, construction, breakdowns, fuel stops, etc.). If we are not really determined to reach the destination, we will quit. Spiritual travel is no different! There are mental struggles, spiritual struggles, family struggles and church struggles, all of which can impede spiritual travel. What keeps us going is determination! What kept the apostle Paul going (1 Corinthians 2:2; 9:24-27; Philippians 1:21)? Our determination must outweigh distractions and discouragements if we are to navigate life successfully.

Interestingly, everyone who is born into this world is navigating life. Some navigate successfully, while others navigate sorrowfully. It is not a matter of if we will navigate, but it is a matter of how we will navigate. What is your destination? What directions are you following? Are you really determined to navigate successfully? I must admit it, I sometimes get lost, but thankfully, God allows U-turns and welcomes us back when we turn to Him. Amidst this busy street called life, stop, take a moment to really think and ask yourself, “How am I navigating?”

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