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Today, I want to share an article I read on the Gospel Gazette. It’s too long for a single bulletin article so I’ve divided it into two articles. This is part 1 and next week we will have part 2. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Note: I have put the link to the original article at the bottom and contact info for the original author.

I must admit it; sometimes I get lost! I never get lost intentionally, but somehow it still happens. When traveling, especially in places to which I have never been, I get turned around, go in the wrong direction and sometimes even repeat those same steps many times. It always amazes me how just one small wrong turn can throw me completely off course. Thankfully, there are lots of helps to aid us in keeping on the right course when traveling (GPS, maps, signs, etc.). Without these helps, I would spend more time lost than on the right path. There are some things that a person must know, even given the great helps of travel, in order to navigate safely and successfully. The same is true when it comes to navigating each day, not physically, but spiritually. Sadly, not all the signs, GPS coordinates and maps are always correct. In fact, there are signs all over the place spiritually that will most certainly cause us to stray off course if we do not remember certain navigating essentials. What does it take to navigate successfully through life?

Firstly, we must have a destination. No one can simply just get in a vehicle and drive somewhere without knowing where he or she wants to go. This should be obvious, but amazingly many are trying to navigate through life with no idea where they are heading! Just think for a moment of the chaos in which people would find themselves if they simply got in a car and started driving without a destination in mind. Yet, spiritually many do this every day. Knowing life’s destination keeps us focused despite other road signs that surround us. When our Lord took on human flesh, distractions from other road signs were all around, and yet, Jesus knew where He was heading and kept on course. “…My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work” (John 4:34 NKJV). Even as a young boy, Jesus knew His destination (Luke 2:49). Was it not knowing His destination that caused Jesus to endure the pain and suffering on Calvary (Hebrews 12:1-3)? Surely, this is why at the end of His sojourn on earth, Jesus could triumphantly say, “…It is finished…” (John 19:30). It is very easy to get turned around on life’s journey, but keeping our destination at the forefront will aid in our navigation each day.

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