In today’s bulletin, I want to talk about my beliefs on church activity. Now, let me say right up front that this has drastically changed over the years. There was a time when I believed that a church was failing in its responsibilities if it wasn’t always busy doing something. What we were doing didn’t matter as much as long as the church was doing something. That all changed when I learned the phrase, “Holiness doesn’t equal holiness.” That truth drove me back to the Bible and Jesus as my example. I saw that Jesus was always busy but even then, what he was doing mattered more than simply being busy. He always prioritized people over busyness and if he was interrupted he took the time to see the person and their needs. Just as important, he always took time for himself, rested, and encouraged his disciples to do the same.

Today, I believed that what we’re doing is far more important than how much we’re doing. I also believe that we need to be patient with the church and our brothers and sisters. I was never a person who wanted to slow down and enjoy the trip kind of person. I just wanted to get it done, get to my destination, and then I would enjoy myself. The problem with this attitudes is that it makes the work or activity the whole point. Nothing could be further from the truth or the way Jesus approached life.

I want us to fully take advantage of this new year and opportunities the Lord has blessed us with. I want to see us growing and accomplishing everything we can for the Lord. I want to see us becoming more like Jesus everyday but as we do this, it’s important that we’re patient with the church and each other. 

Do you want to see the church doing more? Do you have the time and energy to be doing more? I hope and pray that you do but let me ask you to temper that passion with patience and grace for the church. They might not has as much time as you do and they might barely be keeping their heads above water. Be patient and Christlike with them. Love them and help if you can but don’t look down on them or the church because they are not doing everything or how much you think they should be doing.

Let’s commit to just loving and being patient with each other. Together we can accomplish everything the Lord has in store for us but not if we’re the reason others are discouraged or feeling bad about themselves. Let’s commit to lifting each other up and working together for the Lord.