Easter is an important day for all Christians. It’s important because Jesus rose from the grave, victorious over death and sin, and promises the same to us. Numerous passages in Scripture equate that truth.

Personally, Easter has always been an exciting day for me. I remember fondly the many days spent at church on Easter. I remember the lessons on Jesus, his death for our sins, and most importantly, His victorious resurrection from the grave. I remember the early Sunrise Services held by the church in which I gladly got out of bed way before sunrise and rushed to catch the church bus. I remember the time spent watching as the sun began to break over the horizon and those first beams of light finally warmed us. I remember the people, the camaraderie, the breakfasts cooked by those ladies, and the eventual Easter egg hunt. Who can’t remember running around like a maniac, searching for that little egg filled with candy?

These times reinforced the importance of Jesus, His resurrection, and the church. Of course, we all knew that it wasn’t about the candy. Still, the combination of fun and repeated lessons on Jesus solidified my faith.

There is also another important truth to consider here: new life. Easter reminds us that in Jesus Christ, we have been given new life at a significant cost to himself. This lesson of new life reminds us that we are to continually strive for a new and better life for ourselves, our brothers and sisters, and the Lord’s church. After over two years of shutdowns and Covid, our little church needs some new life.

It is time for us to recommit ourselves to the Lord and His church by making time. So let’s take this Easter and its lessons about life and apply that to our church. Will you join me in committing to ensuring the future of our wonderful little church? Will you commit to getting involved, help plan, and do the work to make sure it happens?

I believe in you, and I know Jesus does as well. So, let’s make it happen because the next generation is depending on us.