In our previous articles, we have looked at the books of Genesis – Judges. Our intent has been gaining better insights into the books and hopefully, inspiring us to read each story with an eye toward their humanity and purpose for us.

Often, we treat the Bible as a treatise on God and doctrine; a law book with only one purpose: to inform us concerning the necessities and requirements of religion. Yet, the entire bible is a story about God; a story about how He works in the lives and circumstances of people.

Ruth is no exception. The book helps us understand how God’s people experience His sovereignty, wisdom, love, and grace (often called “loving kindness” in the O.T.) amid life’s hardships.

Often the question is posed, “Where is God when it hurts?” “Where is He when everything goes wrong and life falls apart?”

Ruth helps us see that God is always near to His people. Always working to ensure our success. No wonder the Apostle Paul said in Romans 8:28 that God works out all things for good for His people! What always amazes me is that God works through His people for His people. That doesn’t mean that He doesn’t move heaven and earth to make a way for us but often He allows others the opportunities to get involved and demonstrate our faith and love.

During suffering, hardships, and severe setbacks; God allows us to experience His love and grace through the mediating hands of each other.

For Naomi, hardships, famine, and the loss of her family (husband and sons) meant that God was no longer with her. She felt bitter like God was punishing her and had taken away all that loved. Yet, Ruth stands faithfully by her side and becomes the very presence of God’s love and grace in her life. Numerous times she refused to give up and return to her family choosing instead to stand with the mother she loved so much.

For Ruth, God’s love and redemption came in the form of a new husband named Boaz. By his generous acts of love and mercy, Ruth inherited the very fields she had once gleaned for scraps. She went from being widowed, broke, homeless, and without hope to a cup that overflowed. To being, a beloved descendant of God’s only Son.

Church, God is always at work in the lives of his people. Helping them experience the love, mercy, and grace that He provides. Take some time this week to read the book of Ruth and let your spirit dream about what God can do for you amid your hardships. Trust Him and He will fill your cup as well.