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Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime

Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime
By Adam Faughn

It might seem strange that the first bulletin article of 2020 deals with fear, but many people struggle this time of year with this emotion. As they face a New Year, they might fear health issues or job uncertainty. Some simply fear failing in the resolutions they have made. Continue reading “Overcoming Fear in 2020…and Anytime”

The Gospel of Matthew.

One of the first things I want you to notice about Matthew’s gospel is the fact that it’s anonymous. Nowhere in the text does it clearly say who wrote it, but there is no need to worry about the authorship of the first gospel since the early church and scholars all agree that it was Matthew, the apostle. Continue reading “The Gospel of Matthew.”

Ruth: A Real Overcomer.

I just recently read the book of Ruth and wanted to share some things I learned from it. The more I read this book the more I appreciate the heartache and struggle of this great little book. Continue reading “Ruth: A Real Overcomer.”

1 & 2 Chronicles: A story about the lessons learned from history.


The books of First and Second Chronicles were originally one book. Together they tell the story of God’s people from the earliest of times to the years following the return from exile in Babylonia. Most think they continue the story of First and Second King’s, but it does not. Actually, they lay the foundation for the stories of Ezra and Nehemiah, and as such, are often the among the last books of the Hebrew Scriptures. Continue reading “1 & 2 Chronicles: A story about the lessons learned from history.”

1 & 2 Kings A story about the consequences of unfaithfulness.

The book of the Kings continues the story from the books of Samuel and is intended to be read as a continuous story. In the Hebrew Bible, the book of kings is a single book with a great message. Within its pages, we read about the death of King David, the reign and death of Solomon, the building of the Temple, and the eventual division of the kingdom. Continue reading “1 & 2 Kings A story about the consequences of unfaithfulness.”

Second Samuel: a story of faith, faithfulness, and failures.

The main thrust of the story of Second Samuel was covered in our last article on first Samuel. I didn’t realize that I had titled it wrong until I began preparing for today’s article. It should have read “1 & 2 Samuel: a story about the dangers of desire.”

Despite that, I still want to cover some things that I didn’t get to mention in our last article. I want to talk about a couple big lessons learned in Second Samuel. Every book contains great lessons to learn about God and about ourselves. Primarily the Bible is a story about God and how he was working in their lives. Second Samuel is no exception. Within its pages, we learn several powerful lessons about life and our God.

If Second Samuel teaches us anything, it teaches us that God is a faithful and merciful God.

Continue reading “Second Samuel: a story of faith, faithfulness, and failures.”

1 Samuel: A story about the dangers of desire.

The story of First Samuel begins with a godly woman named Hannah and her husband. Her story is one of disappointment, provocation, and an overwhelming desire for a son.

Continue reading “1 Samuel: A story about the dangers of desire.”

Ruth: A book of redemption and hope.

In our previous articles, we have looked at the books of Genesis – Judges. Our intent has been gaining better insights into the books and hopefully, inspiring us to read each story with an eye toward their humanity and purpose for us. Continue reading “Ruth: A book of redemption and hope.”

Creating a Pure Heart.

Have you ever struggled with sin in your life? If you are like the rest of us, everyone who lives and breathes, then I know you have. How many times have you struggled to stop and repent of a sin only to find yourself back there again? It can be the most heartbreaking, discouraging place you could find yourself and yet we find ourselves there more often than we would like to admit. Continue reading “Creating a Pure Heart.”

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