For most, Mother’s Day is a wonderful holiday. It gives them a chance to honor the woman or women that were instrumental in their life. It’s an opportunity to say thank you for all your sacrifices, long nights, and time spent making sure we were ok. Mom’s are a gift from God in many ways.

For some of us, we are blessed to have more women involved and active in your life than just mom. To all the great women who acted like mothers to those without moms out there, thank you for all that you do. You are why God says (Proverbs 31) godly women are more valuable than jewels.

Mom’s are valuable for many reasons and I don’t want to diminish any of the roles you fill in this life. Just know that we are thankful for you because you are shaping the next generation of men and women and you have impacted our lives in a real and positive way.

But for some, Mother’s Day hurts.

I don’t want you to assume that everyone feels or has the same experiences, in relation to “moms and Mother’s Day,” as you. This requires empathy and love for these men and women. There is a reason why Jesus said that love was the greatest command (John 13:34-35). These people need your love and understanding, today more than most.

Some have a hard time understanding why anyone would be emotional, standoffish, or simply refuse to celebrate Mother’s Day but they are plenty of good and godly people who do. My goal for to help you understand why and perhaps help us appreciate and love them more.

Mother’s Day can hurt for many reasons. These are just a few that I have seen personally.

  • It can hurt when you didn’t have a mom growing up (due to divorce or mom’s choice she just wasn’t there for them).
  • It can hurt when mom was bad (there are some moms who are not good to their children. They can be abusive or narcissistic to the point of placing themselves above their children).
  • It can hurt when a woman wants to be a mom’s more than anything in life and for whatever reason, cannot (there are a lot of women out there who are living in this reality).
  • It can hurt when mom must face this day without her children (sometimes the unthinkable happens and mom outlives her children).
  • It can hurt when mom has passed away and you cannot see her anymore (the longing to see mom just one more time can be overwhelming).
  • It can hurt when mom is separated from her children (whether it’s because they live far away, or she is being ignored and treated like she doesn’t exist anymore).

These hurts are real, they are painful, and overwhelming especially on Mother’s Day. For some, mom and Mother’s Day has created scares that will never heal completely but with our love and support hopefully, they can face this day without dread and hurt.

God loves mothers and wants us to honor them (Eph. 6:2; Matt. 19:19; Exodus 20:12). He also loves those who find Mother’s Day to be a painful experience and He doesn’t want them to face this day alone. Let’s makes sure we express our love and support for our brother’s or sister’s because God expects it and they need it.

“Finally, all of you, have unity of mind, sympathy, brotherly love, a tender heart, and a humble mind.” (1 Peter 3:8, ESV)