Last week, we spoke about the book of Genesis and the many beginnings found in it. It is truly a book about the beginning of us and our struggle with sin. Yet, bigger and far more important. It is a book about God and His great love for us. It is the beginning of a love so grand and overwhelming that God sets into action a plan to save us from sin and self.

Today, I want us to consider the book of Exodus. Often read and rarely understood for its actual message about God. The theological implications of the book of Exodus are truly profound because they tell us amazing things about our God. They describe in great detail what he is willing to do for us and ultimately to instill a sense of worth in our own eyes.

If I had to give a theme to the book it would have to be, “Redemption is necessary.” The book begins with a people trapped in Egypt. They had come to Egypt by choice but now they cannot leave. Their free-will choice has been taken away by a stronger adversary who has enslaved them. Trapped and without any recourse to free themselves they begin to cry out to God.

It is at this critical juncture that God begins to act in magnificent ways to free his people. The very man who had hoped to free God’s people 40 years earlier (Acts 7:25) is called. Moses had dreamed about this, wanted to do this, and failed horribly at it. After 40 years of preparation, God sees that he is ready for the task at hand and sends him to Pharaoh.

10 plagues, the death of the firstborn, a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, and a parted Sea; all teach us that our God loves us and will move heaven and earth to redeem us. Yet, the people doubt God and perhaps more enlightening is they doubt his love for them. Difficulties in life have always been a hindrance to accepting that God loves us, and it was for the children of Israel.

He leads the people into the wilderness, out of consideration for their welfare and safety, to endure mistrust, doubt, and an overwhelming desire to just go back.

The message of Exodus is clear: our God loves us, wants to redeem us from the traps of life and sin, and will do whatever it takes to set us free.

God will move heaven and earth for his people.