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How much do you know? Are you sure?

I want to share with a problem that I have been struggling with recently. Now that I aware of it, it seems like I see it in everything. The problem I am talking about is generally called “knowledge” or if you have studied the Greek NT; it is called “gnosis.” Within the church, there is this push toward “my personal knowledge.” It’s so pervasive that it’s almost to the exclusion of everything else. Propose any problem and the answer almost always, “just read more or study more.” Are you struggling with faith? Read more! Are you struggling with depression? Read, study, and pray more! Or as one person said, “The greatest need in the church today is more knowledge.” I couldn’t disagree more! The greatest need of any generation is Jesus.

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Why should we go to church?

From time to time I am asked this straight forward question, “why should I go to church?” Believe it or not, most often it’s Christians who ask this question. Typically, this question comes up because you invited someone to church. Continue reading “Why should we go to church?”

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