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Almonds from a walking staff.

In Numbers 17, we have an interesting and perplexing story of God using the walking staffs of the elders of Israel to convey His will. In one sense, Numbers 17 is meant to end the rebellion and complaining of the children of Israel. Continue reading “Almonds from a walking staff.”

Numbers: a book about God’s faithfulness.

Up to this point, we have looked at Genesis through Leviticus. I hope each book has helped you learn something important about God and what he wants for you. Genesis is a book of beginnings: the beginnings of us, of sin, and just as importantly; the beginning of God’s love story with us. Exodus is a book of redemption: God redeems his people from sin and self; walks with them and moves heaven and earth for them. Leviticus is a book about relationships: God is a holy and just God who wants to have a personal relationship with his people. Leviticus details how we can approach God and have fellowship with him.

Continue reading “Numbers: a book about God’s faithfulness.”

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