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The Ruined Loincloth.

In Jeremiah 13 there is a strange and yet, intriguing story about a loincloth. The Lord instructs the prophet to buy a new loincloth, put it on, and wear it without washing it in water. After some time, the Lord tells him to bury it in the rocks near the Euphrates River. Again, after some time has passed, he is told to dig up that old loincloth. Once Jeremiah digs it up, he describes it as “good for nothing.” After all that time buried in the dirt it was spoiled and now unfit for its intended purpose.

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He has plans for you!

Can you imagine how encouraging it would be to walk into a job interview and hear the employer say, “I already have plans for you.” Knowing we had a place in the company might be encouraging. However, knowing that the company recognized our potential and was already forming specific plans for our work with them would really get us excited. It would mean that we have been assured of a good future with this company and that would make the physical work joyful, something we looked forward to each day.

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Lamentations: a reminder of the cost of sin and rebellion.

The book of Lamentations is a difficult book to read simply because of the intense emotion and heartbreak that is so prevalent throughout the book. Continue reading “Lamentations: a reminder of the cost of sin and rebellion.”

Jeremiah: a study of repentance and sorrow.

The book of Jeremiah is an interesting and emotional book to read. There are ample reasons why he is called “the weeping prophet.” Continue reading “Jeremiah: a study of repentance and sorrow.”

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