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A Time to Rejoice.

Church, this time of year should be a time filled with joy. Our great God and Savior came to earth and was born. Continue reading “A Time to Rejoice.”

Opening Their Treasures.

Opening Their Treasures.

Matt. 2:11.

The story of Jesus’ birth is a powerful and important story for all Christians. The birth of Jesus had such an impact on the entire world that, early in the fourth century (AD 336), the holiday we call Christmas was widely celebrated all over the East and West. Continue reading “Opening Their Treasures.”

What is the gospel: the true message of Jesus and the season.

Being a few days before Christmas, I want us to reflect on the true meaning of the word “Gospel.” Some might be wondering what I am thinking but bear with me and hopefully, it will make sense. Continue reading “What is the gospel: the true message of Jesus and the season.”

Finding Joy in Christmas.

Have you ever found yourself just worn out leading up to Christmas? Often, we find ourselves in a bad place, spiritually and emotionally, near the end of December. Sometimes it’s because our schedules are crazy, and we don’t have free time to even breath. I hope and pray that you are not having a Christmas season like this, but I know that I have felt that far too often. Continue reading “Finding Joy in Christmas.”

Christmas: A Time to Rejoice

Church, this time of year should fill us with joy and excitement. Our Savior, our great God, came to earth and was born in a nowhere town, to nowhere parents, and spent His life on earth serving people that no one else wanted. He did that for us. He went to a cross and shed His blood because we needed it. It was not because He looked forward to it or that He really needed it, it was for us. Without His birth in accordance with scriptures, we would not have the life of Jesus. We would not have the teachings of Jesus. We would not have His atoning sacrifice, and we would not have our Savior. Continue reading “Christmas: A Time to Rejoice”

Where else would a Christian want to be?

Today is Christmas and many throughout the world are choosing to stay home. They could have chosen to assemble with the saints and worship Jesus but the allure of gifts was too much for them. Instead of going to church and worshiping Jesus Christ they allow their reverence for Jesus to cause them to stay home. Continue reading “Where else would a Christian want to be?”

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