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They were “only” fishermen!

Why does it seem like being a disciple of Jesus is so challenging? Why does it seem like such a difficult undertaking? Continue reading “They were “only” fishermen!”

Consecrated victorious living has many parts to it.

Last week, we considered the hard truth that many begin the new life in Christ but many do not finish it. The key to understanding why this is true is found in our level of commitment. To live a successful Christian life requires that I am completely committed to it.

To live a consecrated, victorious Christian life is not easy in the physical sense. It is intrinsically difficult. First, it requires a choice be made; secondly, after the choice is made, it must be supported and recommitted with grace, care, and effort. Continue reading “Consecrated victorious living has many parts to it.”

Where else would a Christian want to be?

Today is Christmas and many throughout the world are choosing to stay home. They could have chosen to assemble with the saints and worship Jesus but the allure of gifts was too much for them. Instead of going to church and worshiping Jesus Christ they allow their reverence for Jesus to cause them to stay home. Continue reading “Where else would a Christian want to be?”

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