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An introduction to Ephesians.

Paul first arrived in Ephesus on his second missionary journey (Acts 18). He visited a second time during his third missionary trip (Acts 19) which proved to be a tumultuous time for the church. People were baptized, silversmiths were infuriated, and a riot even broke out. Paul’s relationship to Ephesus was interesting, to say the least. Continue reading “An introduction to Ephesians.”

A Relative?

A Relative?

By Larry Pasley

    A husband and his wife were riding along together in a car. They had been quarreling and hadn’t spoken for a long time. Finally, they passed a mule in a pasture. The man pointed to the mule and asked his wife, “A relative of yours?” Without a moment’s hesitation, she responded, “Yes, by marriage.” Continue reading “A Relative?”

They were “only” fishermen!

Why does it seem like being a disciple of Jesus is so challenging? Why does it seem like such a difficult undertaking? Continue reading “They were “only” fishermen!”

Abiding in Christ.

In John 15:1-17, Jesus speaks to us about abiding in Him. He draws a beautiful picture of an olive vine with its many branches. We expect to see each branch filled with beautiful fruit but it’s not. Instead, we are confronted with branches that are failing to produce, branches that have the potential to bear fruit, but for some reason they are empty.

Continue reading “Abiding in Christ.”

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