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Bulletin Article

Introduction to the book of Romans.

Outside of the Church of Christ, Romans is one of the most popular books in the New Testament. I have never been absolutely sure, but it seemed like we were not sure what to do with it.

Romans is complicated on many levels. Probably because it deals with subjects like the universality of sin, our accountability to God, His plan to save by faith, and how that was His plan from the beginning (even Abraham was saved by faith). He deals with subjects like redemption, justification, imputation, and even God’s plan for Israel.

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Drawing near to God

In James 4:8, is one of my favorite passages in Scripture. He tells us to draw near to God and He will draw near to us. This passage has been a guiding principle in my life for years. Yet, at times, it seems more difficult than at other times. Continue reading “Drawing near to God”

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