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God’s Seven Water Tests

Those who ridicule God’s command to be baptized in order to be forgiven would do well to consider at least seven occasions when God used water to separate those who followed Him from those who rejected Him. Continue reading “God’s Seven Water Tests”

The Baptism of Jesus

The baptism of Jesus is an important subject we need to study. As our example in all things (1 Peter 2:21) Jesus’ baptism should set the precedent for our attitude toward baptism. Continue reading “The Baptism of Jesus”

A change has taken place!

A change has taken place!

From the power of Satan to the power of God.

Anyone who has repented and submitted to Christ in baptism has made the greatest choice this life can offer. A person whose faith is real and whose repentance is genuine has truly died, in a spiritual sense, to the old life of sin.

Continue reading “A change has taken place!”

Did You Know?

That the Bible nowhere says, “Accept Jesus as your personal Savior?”

That the “Rapture” is not mentioned once in the Bible?

That no one in the N.T. was ever told to “Ask Jesus into your heart” in answer to the question, “What must I do to be saved?”

That every verse in the New Testament in which baptism and salvation appear together everyone lists baptism prior to salvation?

That no where in the New Testament is there a command or example for a baby to be baptized?

That “faith only” is mentioned just once in the Bible, and then it says, “not by faith only” (James 2:24)?

That Peter was not a pope and that he had a wife (Matthew 8:14)?

That there is no example or command in the Bible for preachers to wear special robes, clothes, or to have special titles?

That everyone that has put Christ on in baptism is a “saint” (Ephesians 3:8; 4:12; 5:3; 6:16; Philippians 1:1; 4:2)?

That there is nothing in the Bible mentioning or even suggesting that you can be brought out of or prayed out of purgatory?

That denominational churches did not exist in the first century?

That you can be saved without ever “joining” a denominational church?

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