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An introduction to Mark.

This gospel account is the second book of the New Testament that was probably written by John Mark of Jerusalem sometime between 60-68 A.D. Tradition states that John Mark recorded the words of Peter, who recounted the teachings and events of Jesus Christ to Mark and then organized them into the second gospel account. Continue reading “An introduction to Mark.”

Faith should produce action.

The supreme purpose of the Christian religion is to make men and women who are like Jesus so that they will act like Jesus. Continue reading “Faith should produce action.”

Speak up for Jesus.

By R. W. McAlister

One of the most amazing things we find in the book of Acts is that from a beginning with only 120 disciples, the news about Jesus spreads throughout Judea, Samaria, Syria, Asia, and into Europe and Africa. In Jerusalem alone there were over ten thousand Christians in the first years.

Without modern mass media, without social networking, without power or prestige, without much money, the gospel was spread more rapidly than it has ever been since – but how did this happen? Continue reading “Speak up for Jesus.”

Actions speak louder than words!

I have found that we are good at telling ourselves little lies. These lies are subconscious attempts to help us feel good about what we are doing or attempts to make us feel better about what we are not doing. Continue reading “Actions speak louder than words!”

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