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Zephaniah. A matter of sin and hiding.

The book of Zephaniah is an interesting and challenging little book. It was written by Zephaniah somewhere between 640-620 B.C. Continue reading “Zephaniah. A matter of sin and hiding.”

Lone Wolf Christianity.

(Today’s article was inspired by a video and article I read Friday morning)[i].

Talk about an oxymoronic title. The epitome of isolation and loneliness connected with what should be the exact opposite of alone. Continue reading “Lone Wolf Christianity.”

Where else would a Christian want to be?

Today is Christmas and many throughout the world are choosing to stay home. They could have chosen to assemble with the saints and worship Jesus but the allure of gifts was too much for them. Instead of going to church and worshiping Jesus Christ they allow their reverence for Jesus to cause them to stay home. Continue reading “Where else would a Christian want to be?”

A Matter of the Heart

By Joe Slater

Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

Have you heard about the broken clock hanging on a wall of a church building? A sign below it said, “Don’t blame my hands; the trouble lies on the inside.” Continue reading “A Matter of the Heart”

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