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Organic Christianity.

Some time ago, I had lunch with a dear friend and fellow elder. We always have a great time and just as important, we always have challenging discussions about the church and faith. This friend has shaped and challenged my thinking regarding faith and the church for many years yet, this specific conversation has stuck with me more than normal. I want to share this with you and even solicit your help in fleshing this out.

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Speak up for Jesus.

By R. W. McAlister

One of the most amazing things we find in the book of Acts is that from a beginning with only 120 disciples, the news about Jesus spreads throughout Judea, Samaria, Syria, Asia, and into Europe and Africa. In Jerusalem alone there were over ten thousand Christians in the first years.

Without modern mass media, without social networking, without power or prestige, without much money, the gospel was spread more rapidly than it has ever been since – but how did this happen? Continue reading “Speak up for Jesus.”

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