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Amos and genuine religion.

The name “Amos” literally means “burden bearer” and it speaks to how he felt about his message and its content. Continue reading “Amos and genuine religion.”

Joel and the call to repentance.

The second book, in the so-called minor prophets, is the book of Joel. I hope to encourage to give a little more attention to this book and to strive to learn from it. It has a message that is not minor, a message that is desperately needed in today’s church. Continue reading “Joel and the call to repentance.”

Hosea: God wants something more.

The book of Hosea is the first of the 12 minor prophets and was likely written during the 8th century B.C. just before the Assyrian invades. His work and prophecies focused almost entirely on the northern kingdom of Israel during its final years of existence. His ministry lasted some 34 years and it is noteworthy that Hosea is the only prophet to live and preach solely to the Northern Kingdom. Continue reading “Hosea: God wants something more.”

Daniel: the prophet in the king’s court.

The book of Daniel is an interesting and challenging book since it includes many visions and prophecies. It was originally written in two languages. It appears that chapters 2-7 were written in Aramaic while the rest was written in Hebrew. Continue reading “Daniel: the prophet in the king’s court.”

Ezekiel: the prophet with the people.

Ezekiel was a vital prophet for Israel and Judah while in captivity.   Continue reading “Ezekiel: the prophet with the people.”

What Do You Expect From God?

I was talking to a Christian a few years ago about his commitment to God. He said he didn’t go to worship services much because God had “touched him.” He stated that he takes his granddaughter to services, but he had not been in three weeks. He was raised in the church; however, the church wasn’t what he expected? I then asked him what did he expect?

What do you expect from God? Continue reading “What Do You Expect From God?”

Lamentations: a reminder of the cost of sin and rebellion.

The book of Lamentations is a difficult book to read simply because of the intense emotion and heartbreak that is so prevalent throughout the book. Continue reading “Lamentations: a reminder of the cost of sin and rebellion.”

Jeremiah: a study of repentance and sorrow.

The book of Jeremiah is an interesting and emotional book to read. There are ample reasons why he is called “the weeping prophet.” Continue reading “Jeremiah: a study of repentance and sorrow.”

Isaiah, the Messianic Prophet.

The book of Isaiah is a favorite of many Christians for good reason. Therein, we learn so much about our God, His character, and His plans for the future. Isaiah is often called the Messianic prophet for good reason. He spoke more about Jesus and the future kingdom of God than anyone else in the Hebrew Scriptures. Continue reading “Isaiah, the Messianic Prophet.”

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